Redback Kirra Pro Soft Nipper Surf Trainer Softboard


The Redback Kirra Pro SoftNipper Surf Trainer Softboard is ideal for Club use with handles, soft deck & more. The soft deck gives safety and increases the fun factor. With a design specifically for Surf Life Saving the SoftNipper is also great for general paddle use in the surf.


Redback Kirra Pro Soft Nipper Surf Trainer Softboard

The Redback Kirra Pro Soft Nipper Surf Trainer Softboard is a great board for preparing for surf club competition and beach fun in general. The Soft Nipper is a Softboard. So it’s got a soft external finish. It’s not like a normal surfboard with it’s hard fibreglass finish that can give hard bumps and bangs. So the Soft Nipper can be handled and surfed with maximum fun. Internally the board has an EPS foam core. This is the same type of foam used in high performance bodyboards and surfboards. So there’s great floatation. So your kids get good paddling, easy wave catching and fast riding.

Club Features

The deck of the Soft Nipper features grab handles generously placed along the sides of the board and at the nose. So there’s plenty of hand holds to help get out through the break and hold on when riding a wave. The deck is slightly contoured lowering the rider’s center of gravity so helping stay on the board. The bottom has a very high speed slight curve so once on the wave there’s heaps of speed and fun. All these features mimic those on proper surf club paddle boards. So the Redback Nippers Board gives a great preparation for club competition and equipment use. A single fin is included to  give stability and direction to rides. The fin is a soft fin so offers a safety factor and the board can be used in the flags and other safe areas. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 210 × 50 × 15 cm


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