Softlite Glider Softboard


The Softlite Glider Softboard gives you all the features of a Softboard with speed and turning of a normal board. Bamboo stringer gives strength and durability


Softlite Glider Softboard

The Softlite Glider Softboard gives you all the benefits of a Softboard with the surf experience of a normal fiberglass board. The shape reflects a Mini-mal, so it’s easy to paddle, catch waves, and stand on. To this outline you get a very easy-to-ride rocker. So you’ll be able to progress rapidly into proper surfing turns.

The board is super easy to paddle and catch waves. It’s also got the comfy soft deck and plastic HDPE slick. To this, flatteness has been added. So the board will go faster on the wave face. The wider tail also adding speed. So once on the wave you will be making sections and having longer rides.

On these longer rides you’ll get the benefit of the rails that are like a proper fiberglass surfboard thanks to special Parabolic Rolled Rail Technology. They aid your surfing control so you can direct the board where you want. Adding this to your speed gives you a board on which you start to really surf.

Internally there’s a solid bamboo stringer that gives strength and durability. There’s Future fin boxes so you can get to use all the Pro fins. This is a great board to take you from a Beginner Softboard to riding more advanced waves and doing turns. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards


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