Softlite Vader Softboard


The Softlite Vader Softboard gives you a great fun soft deck and easy surfing with a performance shape. Uses Future fin system for Pro fins


Softlite Vader Softboard

Softlite Vader Softboard gives you a high-performance Mid Length surf experience with all the benefits of a Softboard. You get a great design for getting into waves easier. You get more control and a cruisy ride without all the overhead of a chunky longboard shape. Yet you get a soft comfy deck.

The core of the board is EPS foam. This is naturally more buoyant. The shape also incorporates more volume. So you get great paddling and wave catching. Once on the wave the shape has the wide point forward. So the board helps pull you down the wave. It makes the whole first part of catching the wave easy.

The tail of the board is a rounded pin. So unlike chuncky Softboards this will give a lot more control, helping you surf a wider range of waves. The rails of the board use the special Parabolic Rolled Rail Technology. So they’re like a high-performance surfboard aiding your surfing control and fun.

The deck of the board is soft foam, like a Softboard. So it’s comfy to lie on. The bottom is a HDPE plastic slick like a Bodyboard. Internally there’s a fibreglass lightweight stringer that helps with strength and durability while also giving speed. It uses Future fin boxes so you can get all the Pro fins. Check our full range of Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards


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