Billabong Mens Hooded Towel


The Billabong Mens Hoodie Towel gives you a 100% cotton comfy plush way to get to and from the surf. You quick dry when wet and stay warm when cold. A higher set pocket can stash your phone, wax and keys and doesn’t move around too much when you’re walking or running. Great timeless tie dye look

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Billabong Mens Hooded Towel

The Billabong Mens Hooded Towel gives you a great way to get to and from the surf. You get a plush 100% cotton poncho that you can slip in and out of super easy. In moments you can slip it off and be enjoying yourself in the surf. Similarly, once out of the water,  in moments in your hooded towel you can get in your car and go.

The plush finish soaks up water when you’re wet so you quick dry. The plush pile also keeps you warm capturing your body heat and it’s thick enough to ward off the wind. A hood allows you to protect your head, where you loose most of your body heat. So you can really snuggle into it when needed.

The front pocket allows ample space for your hands as well as keys, wax and phone. It sits a little high, which is good, so your stashed gear doesn’t move around as much when your walking or running. Fit is ample and generous with oversize arm openings so there’s plenty of freedom of movement. Also making for fast, easy, on and off.

The Billabong Mens Hooded Towel features a great tie dye pattern that’s striking and timeless being both mod and retro. Check our full range of Beachwear at Manly Surfboards>Beachwear

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm


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