SIC Dark Horse Foamy Softboard


The SIC Dark Horse Foamy Softboard is high tech giving you high performance in all wave conditions. It’s also durable and long lasting


SIC Dark Horse Foamy Softboard

The SIC Dark Horse Foamy Softboard is a high tech high performance Softboard. It uses a special Vortex™ construction process that fuses stringers and foam EPS core. This gives you the best fun and performance surfing in all wave conditions as well as great durability. The SIC Softboard stringers are composite, this means they’re made from several materials balancing strength and flex to match varied wave characteristics.

Not only does the board go great in a variety of waves, it’s ultra-lightweight. Being light the board absolutely flies on weak summer waves as well as powerful waves. With that speed, you can have great fun or really push the envelope going for airs and progressive moves. If you’re on your foamy board getting hammered in the shore break this board is strong.

SIC Maui has designed these boards to withstand heavy Hawaiian conditions. The SIC Softboards feature a top skin made from ultra-high-quality Vectra Ply with reinforced polyethylene so you get stiffness and durability. The high-density EVA rails also increase strength and further add performance. Unlike other softboards these rails hold their shape helping you maintain speed and direction. This gives a rail-to-feel for more vertical power surfing, rare in a Softboard.

Five FCS Fusion Fins allow you to run the board as a Quad or Tri fin setup in the 5’8” and 6’8” lengths and a Tri fin setup for the 7’4″ and 8’4″ lengths. The SIC Maui Dark Horse gives you high tech fun, liveliness and power in one great softboard package. Check our full range of great Softboards here Manly Surfboards>Softboards.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 20 cm


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