Creatures Transfer Dry 25L Wetsuit Bag


The Creatures Transfer Dry 25L Wetsuit Bag is water resistant canvas, with fully sealed zip and seams. The special laptop section and pockets for your mouse, phone, charger or wax, sunnies and fin keys makes it super versatile.


Creatures Transfer Dry 25L Wetsuit Bag

The Creatures Transfer Dry 25L Wetsuit Bag is a versatile stylish piece of surf gear that will also hold your wetsuits. It’s versatile in that it’s a proper backpack, not just for your surf gear. It has a special laptop section to keep your computer safe. There’s pockets for your mouse, phone, phone charger and cables. These pockets can also be used for your sunnies, wax, fin keys too. It’s a great Wetsuit Accessory.

Flexi & Water Resistant

The Creatures Transfer Dry Wetsuit Bag is soft. It’s not plastic but a water resistant canvas so it will fit well over your shoulder and back, or into tight spaces in your luggage or car. The canvas has been specially treated to resist water and this treatment carries through to the zippers that have a special cover and seal to prevent water entry. The stitching is taped so giving you extra water resistance.

The Creatures Transfer Dry 25L Bag is designed to work as an all round water resistant bag. You can store your dry gear in there and even in the event of rain, the tide rising or your boat swamping it will stay dry. Alternatively you can store your wet wetsuits or other wetgear in there and the wet will not seep out. It comes with an easy grab handle so you can carry it like a soft briefcase. There’s also padded shoulder straps. So you get comfort and the ability to use it like a backpack. It’s great for getting to the beach or for hiking or riding your bike or any outdoor activity. Check our full range of Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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