ION Ballistic Booties 3-2mm


The ION Ballistic Booties. Sealed, contoured, split-toe for comfort and grip and Hot_Stuff lining. Keep your feet warm during the coldest months. Suited for your SUP or heavy duty use.

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ION Ballistic Booties 3-2mm

The ION Ballistic Booties 3-2mm are a premium product incorporating many advanced features. They’re constructed with ION’s quality neoprene so you get great warmth and flexibility. They’re a great wetsuit accessory. With an internally split toe the ION Ballistic Toe Booties maximise your balance and grip. There’s an external split toe so a natural feel is achieved.  This helps you perform your best on your board. Protection from sharp objects is provided by Aramid fibres a synthetic material used on the sole. Rock and coral resistant, Aramid provides flex so feedback is received by your feet. Grooves or serrations on the bottom of the ION Ballistic Booties 3-2mm sole provide additional grip.

The ION Ballistic Booties has an external shoehorn adds form to the ankle while adding support. The seams use advanced Tatex sealing to keep water from entering. Internally, Hot_Stuff, a plush material lines the boot. It retains body heat, is super comfy and quick drying so the coldest water is warmed. Velcro tabs finish the high ankles so you get maximum sealing. High fitting the top of the booties fits well under your wetsuits preventing water entry. The ION Ballistic Booties are a premium product and a great wetsuit accessory. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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