Creatures Change Mat


Creatures Changer Mat. Protects while durable and lightweight. Draw string pulls tight. Check our range of SUP and Surf Accessories NOW!

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Creatures Change Mat

The Creatures Change Mat is a great Wetsuit Accessory that can save you a lot of hassle with your wetsuits. It provides protection from the sand and dirt so you can clean and fast change into and out of your wetsuit no matter where you are. This mat is vital as it stops sharp objects and stones causing damage to your suit, clothes and feet. It’s also handy for general changing as its open space allows you to get into your socks and shoes standing or seated on the mat. The way you use it is that you simply place the Creatures Change Mat on the ground and step onto it. The mat has draw strings that pull tight turning it into a wet bag. A toggle keeps the bag shut and your wet gear and wetsuits safe inside.

The Creatures Change Mat is heavy duty  and also eco constructed from PVC-free polyester fabric while being lightweight. It’s  a generous 75cm when laid out so you get plenty of space to change. It then compacts to a small size. Coming  from Creatures Of Leisure it’s a quality product with the hallmarks of good design and quality construction.  Creatures sum up their philosophy in the following way. “In all that we do at Creatures of Leisure – and we’ve been doing it for 30 years now – we strive to meld the lessons of our experience with cutting edge materials and designs to create highly functional, premium quality surfing accessories that are built to last.” The  Creatures Change Mat is a great wetsuit accessory to have on hand. To find out more on how Creatures can power your surfing check here: Meet The Creatures.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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