Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Deluxe Change Mat


The Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Deluxe Change Mat is a great way to protect & transport your wetsuit. You get a flat clean area to get into and out of your wetsuit. A toggle allows you to seal the bag preventing water splashes. The included stash pocket can hold other valuables like your keys and phone

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Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Deluxe Change Mat

The Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Deluxe Change Mat gives you a proven better way to get into and out of your wetsuit while protecting it. The Change Mat is a bag constructed of heavy duty waterproof material. The bag opens to sit flat so it’s easy to step into and out of. The idea is that you step onto the mat and get into your wetsuit. The mat gives a clean space stopping sand and road grit going through your suit and next to your body. Once you’ve come in from your surf, if you’re at a beach and if there’s no showers, you can dust off your feet and step into the mat and remove your wetsuit. So this way your wetsuits stays clean and protected. This is an ideal beach and surf changing mat.

A pull toggle on the mat adds another level of use so if your wetsuit is wet you can simply leave it in the mat and toggle it up. Keep the mat upright and no water will get out of the bag.

Heavy Duty

The Ocean and Earth Deluxe Change Mat is heavy duty. So if you’ve got a lot of gear to get from the beach you can put it in the spacious bag. There’s carry handles that make it easy to cart around. Another feature is the stash pocket. This is a separate pocket you can use for your keys, sunscreen, phone. It keeps these items separate from the main contents of the mat, that may be wet with salt water and sand covered. So this works great as your beach and surf changing mat. Ocean & Earth has a reputation for proven hard core surf gear and this is another great example. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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