Ocean & Earth High N Dry Wetsuit Bucket


The Ocean & Earth High N Dry Bucket gives you a great raised base so your wetsuits sit high and will dry out in the bucket. It collapses down to 6mm, almost nothing. Easy carry straps make it perfect to get all your family gear to and from the beach too

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Ocean & Earth High N Dry Wetsuit Bucket

The Ocean & Earth High N Dry Wetsuit Bucket gives you a great way to manage your wet wetsuit. High N Dry refers to a special feature. The base of the bucket has a foam grid system. This grid captures excess water. So when transporting your wet wetsuit it will sit high and still dry out. Any excess water going into the closed cell foam grid at the base and evaporating. So for your next surf you’ll be getting into a dry wettie. The High N Dry collapsible wetty bucket base also acts like a change mat all in one as you can stand on it. The bucket is also collapsible to only 6mm making it one of the most streamlined surf buckets.

The Ocean & Earth High N Dry Bucket collapses down so when not in use it takes up almost no space, easily stashed in your car. When in use it rises to a 38cm height with 46cm diameter. This diameter is generous and easy to stand in when changing. The bucket also has carry handles that adjust into shoulder straps. This is super handy if you use the bucket to carry more than just your wettie. You can load up your entire surf kit in an easy and comfy carry. The Ocean & Earth High N Dry Bucket is waterproof. It has welded seams and tough water sealed fabric. There’s no stitching to come lose, tear or rip. So it’s built rugged and sturdy to last.

You can stash any gear, and your wetsuits, you need. Tie downs, snorkel gear, or your kids’ beach toys can all be carried. When you get home just hose it out. To find out more on how Ocean & Earth can power your surfing check here: Ocean & Earth Complete Surfing

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