Beach Gladiator Chafing Lotion


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Beach Gladiator Chafing Lotion. Prevent rashing & chaffing under your arms, neck anywhere. Non toxic, lasts all day. Check our Beach Accessories Online NOW!

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Beach Gladiator Chafing Lotion

Beach Gladiator Chafing Lotion is a super handy beach accessory. It helps you get the most out of your surfing and beach time heading off rash so you get extra comfort. When surfing you often get rash and chaffing in certain areas. While paddling your wetsuit or rash vest can start to wear on the skin under your arms. Around your neck even a smoothie wetsuit will start to chaff after a while. If you’re running on the beach you’ll know that your upper thigh can also rash from wet shorts. This lotion is a rash guard in a bottle. It can be applied directly to your skin, anywhere on your body. Wet or dry, it works great. Applied directly on your skin it lasts all day. The ingredients are non toxic and non staining. So it’s all purpose and made in the USA..

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