Ion Ballistic Toes Booties 2mm


The ION Ballistic Toes Booties 2mm. Bali-bootie style split-toe for grip with premium construction. Check out our range of Mens wetsuits Online NOW!

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ION Ballistic Toes Booties 2mm

The ION Ballistic Toes Booties 2mm are a Bali-bootie style incorporating many advanced features. Their 2mm rubber construction is for warmer waters. With an internally split toe, the ION Ballistic Toe Booties maximise balance and grip. Externally the toe is also split so a natural feel is achieved.  Protecting from sharp objects, Aramid fibres a synthetic material, are used on the sole. Rock and coral resistant, Aramid provides flex so feedback is received by your feet.

Foot contact with your board is vital, so the sole is marked with strategic grooves so you get better feel. An external shoehorn adds form to the ankle while adding support. An ankle draw string prevents the booties being washed off. The seams use advanced Tatex sealing to keep water from entering. The ION Ballistic Toes Booties 2mm are a robustly constructed premium product. To find out more on how ION Wetsuits can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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