FCS SP2 Reef Red Booties


The FCS SP2 ReefRed Booties give you great protection & super thin sole for high performance surfing. Keep the sensitivity and responsiveness in your surfing.

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FCS SP2 Reef Red Booties

The FCS SP2 Reef Red Booties are a great warm water bootie with extra protection. Warm water booties have a lower ankle than the cold water variants. They’re more about protection than warmth and these booties are great. They’re made of the same material as your wetsuits. To give your feet extra protection you get durable rubber on the toes, bootie sides and heel.

This is vital when your feet are in a hostile environment on the reef or rocks. These rubber bumpers both soften any impact and actually help your toes slide over the worst obstacles. Whether its walking out getting to and through the break or coming to your feet after a wipe out, you the FCS SP2 Reef Booties give great protection.

The areas most prone to bumps, on the front of your toes have generous coverage. Worn with your vest or springsuit wetsuits it’s a great Wetsuit Accessory.

Responsive Sole

The FCS SP2 Reef Red Booties also give you high performance surfing. While the protection bumpers are 1mm rubber, the sole is only .5mm. This gives you a number of advantages. You can feel your board under your feet, you don’t feel like you’re elevated and out of touch. When you push into a move there’s an instant response.

When you crouch for the barrel or go heel to toe the booties flex with you as an extension of your own foot. There’s no limitation on your performance. The upper foot is flexi neoprene so you don’t get constriction. The soft neoprene extends between your toes so you get great comfort. A split toe design gives a natural feel aiding balance.

The FCS SP2 Reef Booties seams are flatlocked stitched and this greatly reduces rashing. Strategically placed holes provide great drainage. A heel toggle allows you to get your fit just right and prevents the booties coming off in a wipeout. Dual velcro tabs, over the top of your foot and at the base of your ankle, also ensure great fit.

The FCS SP2 Reef Red Booties are the ultimate warm water bootie and wetsuit accessory. Check our full range of Wetsuit Accessories at Manly Surfboards>Wetsuit Accessories

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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