Foamie Soft Softboard


The Foamie Soft Softboard gives you a super strong compressed EPS core with wood stringer & concave bottom. So it’s super durable and long lasting. The shape has a concave so you get fun fast surfing


Foamie Soft Softboard

The Foamie Soft Softboard is a great value Beginner board with performance features. It has an internal stringer made of epoxy reinforced wood. This gives your board strength and a ride more like a normal surfboard. It will keep a fast shape giving you speed and fun on the wave. Another advanced feature is the concave bottom. This allows water to flow under your board with speed. So instead of being caught by the wave and dumped you’ll glide along out in front of the white water getting long rides. The Foamie is a softboard which means most of the board is covered in soft foam. The foam is more comfortable when you lay on when learning paddling than on a fibreglass board. Also the softboard reduces bangs and bumps. These features make it a great foam surfboard for Beginners and a contender for best foam surfboard Australia.

Strong & Long Lasting

The core of the Foamie Soft Softboard is compressed EPS foam. This means it’s strong and buoyant. It’ll float you more easily so you get great paddling and wave catching. The shape is long, a Mini-mal which is the best to learn on. It’s got a wide nose and body so giving you stability and it won’t bog on the wave. The tail is a squash tail that narrows so as you progress you can step back and start to do carving turns. The board includes an Xtra Duralinx bottom that is hard plastic like a bodyboard that gives you speed. There’s also a deck plug for your leash, fins are included and an FCS compatible fin system. This feature will help you progress as you can swap out soft fins for performance fins. It’s a great foam surfboard for Beginners and one of the best foam surfboard Australia. Check our full range of Softboards at: Manly Surfboards>Softboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 240 × 55 × 15 cm


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