Softech Roller Softboard


Softech Roller Softboard. Volume, paddling, stability. Everything you need to begin-progress. Check our Surfboards Online NOW!


Softech Roller Softboard

The Softech Roller Softboard is a great way for you as a Beginner surfer to start surfing. This board is a hand shape by a master shaper so you get high performance features. It’s got a fuller rounder shape. This gives you stability most important when learning to get to your feet to start riding on the wave. It’s also got special extra thickness so will float you. It also paddles easily, what you need for catching more waves. The shape is tucked in at the tail. So as you progress you can move back on the board and do turns.

Construction is of high quality and durable materials. The core is an EPS foam that is waterproof. So in the event the board does ding you won’t be taking on water. Two internal stringers reinforce this foam. These keep the board more rigid so that it won’t break in bigger waves of those dumps you get as a Beginner. When you’re surfing the wave the stringers keep the board in a fast shape, not bending. Along with an installed leash plug the board includes FCS fin plugs and fins. This makes the board versatile as you can start with the included soft fins and upgrade to stiffer fins as you progress. One of the biggest differences you can make to your board is to update your fins. Stiffer fins will make you go much faster on the wave. They’ll also help you get around foam sections where you’d otherwise slide out. Don’t forget though with stiffer fibreglass fins you won’t be able to surf in the flags. This is a great starter board. Check our full range of Fun Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Fun Softboards

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 20 cm


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