Softech Bomber FCS II Softboard


The Softech Bomber FCS II Softboard with 2 stringers, Pin tail, advanced foam & FCS II fin system is high performance. Check our Softboards NOW!


Softech Bomber FCS II Softboard

The Softech Bomber FCS II Softboard is a performance softboard. The design, materials and features give you a board that goes as well as a normal fibgerglass board in most conditions, without the hassle and only the fun. The shape is designed for performance in all waves. The full nose is great for catching waves. It helps you get onto waves, and flow and plow through full, foamie or long sections. The body of the board takes on a gradual flow to a pin tail. This is not often seen on softboards. This tear drop shape gives classic down the line surfing. The pin helps hold your line. It has less area to catch, and in the buoyant softboard construction also has release so you can also do quick short arc turns. This gives you a great combination of surfing features from the design.

High Tech Features

Construction is of the highest quality and is durable. The core is an EPS foam that is waterproof. So in the event the board does ding you won’t be taking on water. Two internal stringers reinforce this foam. These keep the board more rigid so that you have direction on the wave, and help prevent breaking in bigger waves. Along with an installed leash plug the Softech Bomber FCS II Softboard includes FCS II fin plugs and fins. This makes the board super versatile.

If you’re a Beginner you can surf safe with soft fins that will flex if you get a bump. You can also surf in the flags or Beginner areas. When you want performance you can pop in a set of advanced tech fins like those used by Pro surfers. With the FCS II system you don’t even need to screw the fins in, just pop your fins in and out. Pro fins will make you go much faster on the wave. They’ll also help you get around foamie pushing sections where you’d otherwise slide out. The  is a great starter and high performance softboard. Check our full range of great Softboards at Manly Surfboards>Softboards


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