Tahe ( formally BIC) Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard


Tahe ( formally BIC) Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard is your super fun Beginner 1st board, almost indestructible. Features such as extra width and forgiving rails get your progressing fast

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Tahe (formally BIC) Tech Mini Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard

The Tahe Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard is your perfect Beginner board. The board carries extra width from nose to tail. So you get great paddling, the extra area giving you great speed getting into waves. Once on the wave it’s very stable. This helps you popup to your feet and stay on your feet as you’re learning to balance. The board shape softens wave bumps giving you a smoother ride so you can make more waves rather than wiping out. The Egg has special features that help you make these longer rides, such as forgiving rails. These don’t catch. The extra volume keeps you from bogging. Even when the wave slows down you’ll keep gliding into the next section. The extra area of the Tahe Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard means it will speed your surfing progress and help you do classic moves. These include being able to walk your board, hanging toes off the nose. The Egg comes with one of the toughest constructions of any board. It’s more than tough enough to survive your learn-to-surf process including wipeouts, heavy dumpings, and bangs getting the board around. It is almost indestructible so can be passed on from generation to generation or will give you a great trade-in. This great value board will bring you hours of fun in a great range of wave conditions. The Tahe is the world’s single best-selling surfboard! So it’s a proven fun all-rounder. You get great wave catching, stability for your pop up and glide for making longer rides.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 20 cm


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