BIC Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard


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Bic Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard. Great 1st board & to progress. Fast, fun. Super durable. Inclusions. Check our Surfboards Online NOW!

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BIC Dura Tech Mini Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard

The BIC Dura Tech Mini-Mal 7’0 Egg Surfboard is a great Beginner board. The tail of the board is extra wide. So it’s very stable. When paddling the board has much less side to side and more forward motion. So it’s great for helping you catch waves. When you get to your feet the extra wide tail gives you more stability. So you can get up to your feet more easily and quickly. Once up you can stay on your feet balancing easily too. The front part of the board also has features to make surfing fun an easy with a fuller nose and soft forgiving rails. So you’ll be gliding along the waves. Construction is of BIC’s plastic-like Dura Tech. It is super durable. Strong enough to survive learn-to-surf wipeouts that would trash other boards. It’s almost impossible to break. This opens up options such as making it a good tradeup board as you progress. It’s a great board for Beginners. BIC is the world’s single best-selling surfboard!



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