ECS Soul Midlength Surfboard


The ECS Soul Midlength Surfboard gives you a fast ride with the versatility of tail carving & trimming. PU construction gives you great feel and smooth glide. With the 2+1 setup you can ride as a longboard, 2+1 or Twin

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ECS Soul Midlength Surfboard

The ECS Soul Midlength Surfboard is a great fast versatile board. As a Mid Length it gives you a lot of advantages over a Shortboard. With more area and volume it’s easier to paddle, so you catch lots of waves. The longer rail outline means you can do longer arc turns. This is great for getting longer rides and getting around closing out sections. While some Mid Lengths are slower the Soul specifically has is enhanced for speed. It’s flatter from nose to tail. This means you get onto the wave with more speed and can then use this speed. You can race down the line to make tubes, or easily setup a big first power turn.

To still give you turning there’s a vee starting towards the tail. This allows you to shift your weight back banking into nice rail turns where your whole board changes direction. The rails also are 50/50 meaning they’re rounder so won’t catch when you turn hard or get hung up on a bumpy wave.

PU Glide & Flow

The ECS Soul Midlength Surfboard has a traditional PU construction. So you don’t get the rattle often associated with EPS. The PU gives a solid smooth ride ideal for holding a line and trimming. The flatter rocker of the Soul has been taken from a nose rider longboard so you’ll be able to walk the board. The fin setup offers versatility. You get a single adjustable fin box to give a longboard feel. There’s also side bite fin boxes so you can ride it in a Midlength 2+1 carving setup or even as a Twin. Having all the speed on tap turns the Soul into a great fun riding board. Check our full range of Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Surfboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 220 × 60 × 25 cm


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