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As a Beginner out to find a surfboard, you’ve got a wide range of Beginner board options. Everything from a softboard to a high performance board is available to you. BIC Surfboards has a full range.

Something to consider if you’re a Beginner is that most boards are fragile. A bump can cause a fracture in the fibreglass, dislodge a fin, or put a dent in your deck.

If you want a great Beginner experience while safeguarding your investment, there’s only one board that’s pretty much indestructible. That’s BIC.

A great Beginner board, easy to surf and pretty much indestructible, a BIC Dura-Tec will also give you great performance

While fun and easy to ride, BIC give you a board that will last through everything you can dish up in and out of the surf.

The BIC Brand

BIC, the same company that does other plastic products, is claimed to be the world’s biggest selling surfboard brand. So this indicates they’ve got surfboards that work

The BIC brand is claimed to be the biggest selling surfboard brand in the world. So this gives you an indication that BIC boards work.

This BIC brand is the same that makes a range of other products like pens. Their mastery of extruded plastics has carried through to their surfboards.

While not the first material you’d think a super successful surfboard would be made of, indeed BIC Dura-Tec boards are plastic and work great.

BIC Surfing

The BIC boards come out of a mould. Their characteristics are consistent and quality assured

The BIC Beginner Dura-Tec boards are made in a mould and mass produced. So the moulds that are used represent surfboard designs that are proven to work and refined to help you surf.

All BIC’s Beginner boards are under 9′ in length. This is an ideal Beginner board size range. Boards this size are easy to carry and transport in or on your car. In the surf they’re also not unwieldy so you can navigate through the waves without being swamped.

Great Surfing Shapes

A snapshot of BIC’s Dura-Tec mini-mal range with boards up to just under 9′ in size. Perfect to learn on and progress

BIC’s Beginner boards are mini-mal shapes with a full nose. As a Beginner your paddling will not be fully developed so this extra area up front in the nose makes for easier paddling. With each stroke you make you get more travel on the water.

Once you get going paddling, the fuller nose gives you momentum keeping you going down the wave face so you get a better chance of a successful take off.

Check the stability and flotation of the design. On flat water, with no wave, the design allows you to get to your feet and stand

The outline of the boards stays wide through the middle. So this gives you stability. As a Beginner you may need to take several moves to get to your feet causing your weight to shift on your board. The extra width means the board will remain stable so assisting you to stand and get going on the wave.

This sequence from a video indicates how well the boards catch waves. Note above on take-off the board nose is trimming out of the water indicating good speed. Check how stable the rider is even partway through their multi-stage stand up. Below, out on the face there’s lots of stability and control

Natural Speed

The boards are naturally fast. You don’t need to wiggle or do any special moves. You can see this rider has gone right out on the shoulder, out of the foam, and is now carving back with his foot back towards the pulled in tail

The board is also relatively straight in its outline so you get natural speed. The board naturally cruises along the wave. This helps you get out of the foam and onto the open face and surf. The shape maintains speed without effort. So you don’t have to wiggle or know any fancy moves.

This natural speed makes surfing on your BIC fun.

The tail is pulled in closer to the end of the board. Carrying the board width this far back means that you get maximum stability and speed. As you progress you will be stepping back to put the board into a turn. So the pulled in tail helps you turn more easily.

Progressive Options

The Egg model has a wider tail that helps for nose riding

In the range there’s BIC Dura-Tec boards to help you mix it up, to suit personal preference and surfing style.

There’s the Egg model with an extra wide tail. This helps utilise the wave power so you will go faster. If you’re a heavier surfer this gives you great weight distribution so you can still glide even on smaller waves. It’s also good if you want to walk your board up to the nose, the extra width helping the tail hold in without your weight on it.

As a Beginner starting to turn, the Beginner board characteristics are ideal, helpful. Not too constrained or too radical

At the other end of the spectrum there’s the Mini Malibu model with a more pulled in tail. So this will help you carve in the waves, the narrower tail giving bite.

With FCS Fin Control System included in every Beginner board you have access to the world’s best fins to change up the performance to match what you want, more cruising or more carving

Outside of the pure Beginner board range there’s shortboard and fish models. So once you progress BIC’s got great board options for your next-step.

Dura-Tec is an Investment

Gerard Dabbadie, the designer of many of the Dura-Tec boards demonstrates their durability. He is standing on the Dura-Tec board and bouncing on it. Don’t try this with any other board

There are BIC boards made of other materials including softboards with foam decks and epoxy boards more like traditional surfboards. So why Dura-Tec?

It’s pretty much indestructible.

As a Beginner you may not realise just how easily a surfboard is damaged. If you’re not used to the length of the board under your arm it’s easy to bang into something as you carry it around. Once down at the beach there could be a rock in the sand, or an accident with another surfer. Or you could fall on the board or the board fall on you.

BIC Surfboards Beginner Board Accidents Happen

Surfing with your buddies or in the crowd it’s easy to accidentally bang your board creating a ding

In anyone of these scenarios a traditional fibreglass board can crack. So once cracked it will start to leak water that will alter its performance and lead to water logging and ongoing problems. It will need to be fixed immediately and the cost is not inconsequential. So the last thing you want to do if you’re going surfing, after purchasing your first board, is to be constantly paying a repair bill. Or be spending time out of the water waiting on a repair to be finished.

Accidents Happen

Most other surfboard type constructions can ding badly and break putting a quick end to your investment

Even if you’re extra careful and accident free, most boards will dent from the process of you getting to your feet. This quickly ages your board. So your traditional fibreglass board will decrease in value with each dent reducing your chance of a good trade up.

In the worse case, as a Beginner you may not always judge the wave power. So your board could break entirely through no fault of yours. Once your board is broken it may be unrepairable. Your total investment lost.

Check this close up of the deck of the Dura-Tec board. There’s not a trace of a dent after hard core surfing. This means BIC gives you a good chance of a great trade up to your next board as you progress your surfing

The BIC Dura-Tec boards will scratch. However if you drag them on the ground, bang them into a wall, get dumped on the heaviest wave, the board will stay in one piece. Even from the constant pressure of being stood on it will not show the signs of foot dents that appear on just about all other types of surfboards.

Many of the Dura-Tec Beginner board models include additional rubber-like nose and tail bumpers giving great protection.

Softboards vs Dura-Tec

BIC also have softboards in their range. These also are a great Beginner board option but not as durable

BIC has softboards in their range. These are also a great Beginner board option.

Being soft, if you get a bang from your board it won’t cause too much harm, whereas the Dura-Tec is hard. However softboards can be damaged.

At Manly Surf Hire you can try BIC Dura-Tec and BIC softboards as well as a range of other surfboards. To check the Manly Surf Hire range click here

For example if you get run over by another board or hit a rock the soft part of the softboard can rip or be exposed. Even in these types of heavy situations the Dura-Tec will resist damage.

Extensive Range

To progress your surfing there’s an extensive range of BIC Dura-Tec boards including Fish and Shortboard models

Outside of the Beginner board range there’s Dura-Tec boards in different styles.

There’s shortboards for modern progressive style surfing.

Also Hybrid boards giving you a good transition option between a mal and shortboard. With hybrids you get a balance between width for paddling and pulled in tail for turning.

Then there’s fun boards. These are shorter boards with more area to maximise wave speed from small waves while still being manoeuvrable.

BIC Ideal Beginner Board

If you’re a Beginner and want a Beginner board that you can surf and not have to worry about the BIC Dura-Tec is a perfect solution.

It’s construction gives you several options. You can surf it hard and know it won’t need repair, just about lasting forever. If you treat it well it will stay looking good protecting your investment and giving you the option of a great trade up to your next board as you progress.

The BIC Dura-Tec will give you as much surfing as you want in a design to help you surf.

BIC is great Beginner board that’ll help you perform too.

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