BIC Surf Leash


BIC Surf Leash. For everyday surfing. Quality components. Stretch and strength. 6 month warranty. Check our Surf Accessories Online NOW!

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BIC Surf Leash

The BIC Surf Leash is a high quality leash coming in a range of sizes. There’s an ideal leash for your shortboard, mini-mal and longboard. Construction is of high quality materials so it’s strong and durable. The cuff incorporates neoprene padding so is super comfy. Super sticky velcro seals the cuff so it won’t release unintentionally or from a heavy wipeout. The cord is high quality urethane with special attention given to the join where the cuff and cord meet. So the connection is strong addressing a major problem area of leash breakage. Highest quality swivels prevent the leash from tangling, so it stays snag free. The design is minimalist, high quality and durable.

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Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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