ION Tec_Leash 6′ Leash


ION Tec_Leash 6′ Leash. Styling 5.5mm urethane cord. Dual stainless steel swivels. Lightweight. Check our range of Surf Accessories NOW!

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ION Tec_Leash 6′ Leash

The ION Tec_Leash 6′ Leash is a functional lightweight leash with great style. Its 5.5mm diameter is super streamlined. So it won’t clutter your surfing. This diamter is an important feature. It means the leash has inherent strength to take most small to mid size waves. While at the same time giving you a performance feel in your surfing. There’s Comp leashes that are thinner but once these are hit by a reasonably powerful wave they over stretch, don’t return to shape and get tangled all the time. This is a great performance diatemeter.

The ankle cuff is also streamlined. So you get minimal drag in the water. It’s super light and doesn’t absorb water. A flexible connector attaches the cord to the ankle cuff. This reduces the force and yanking of the wave giving you comfort. The leash has stainless steel swivels featured at both ends. So the leash turns and moves freely and doesn’t snake or twist up. This is important. It helps prevent the cord from snagging around your fins so your board doesn’t slow down or catch. The rail saver has a robust T connection securing your board to the leash. The rail saver also triple wraps so connects extremely securely. The ION TecLeash 6′ Leash delivers lightweight performance with style. To find out more on how ION can power your surfing check here: ION Wetsuits Core Performance

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Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm


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