Creatures Icon 6′ Leash


Creatures Icon 6′ Leg Rope. Great value 6mm diameter, single stainless steel swivel. SureFire Release & DNA Flex. Check our Surf Accessories NOW!

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Creatures Icon 6′ Leash

The Creatures Icon 6′ Leash is a great value and performance way to keep your board with you in the surf. The leash has a 6mm diameter. This is a great balance between being lean for performance and thick for strength. Leaner gives you less drag. It moves easily in the water while you’re paddling, while still giving you plenty of strength. The SureFire Release Tag is the tab you use to release the leash and Creatures has improved it into a quick release design. The tab sits up off your ankle so it’s easy to release in an emergency, and just easier when you’re getting in and out of the water. The SureFire Release Tag also incorporates moulded holes so water moves freely improving feel and reducing weight. The DNA Flex Mould connects the leash to the strap. This patented technology stretches with the leash so resists breakage, the DNA and leash stretching up to 5 x original length.

A single Stainless steel swivel is incorporated at the rail saver end of the leash. This swivel is heavy duty. It’s unbreakable and features self-lubrication so you get friction free motion, eliminating tangles. The ankle cuff is lean and lightweight, featuring a single layer of neoprene so you get comfort. The velcro that affixes the cuff is lighter and 50% stronger than traditional materials. The Leash dimensions are 6′ x 1/4″, 1.8m x 6mm. The Creatures Icon 6′ Leash is a premium leash and comes with a 2 year warranty. To find out more on how Creatures can power your surfing check here: Meet The Creatures

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm


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