Komunity Project 6′ Standard Leash


Komunity Project KP 6′ Standard Leg Rope. Dual stainless swivels keep your leash from tangling. Solid urethane gives controlled stretch and recoil in small to medium size waves.

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Komunity Project KP 6′ Standard Leash

The Komunity Project KP 6′ Standard Leash comes out of a Kelly Slater initiative, the Komunity Project. This is an all round leg rope and great surf accessory perfect for everyday surfing in up to medium size waves. Consisting of solid urethane the leash is 7mm in diameter. This is a bigger diameter than most 6′ leashes. The result is that it gives you extra strength and stretch. If you’re regularly surfing a heavy break then you’ll appreciate these features. A generous well padded cuff is provided at the ankle. The cord also projects away from your ankle so the leash is out of your way once on the wave. The cord has highest grade stainless steel swivels at both ends. So the leash turns and moves freely and doesn’t snake or twist. This is an important feature preventing the cord from snagging around your feet, or around fins causing your board to catch.

A detachable triple wrap rail saver is also part of the package so the tail of your board gets maximum protection. The KP Plug Buddy is included. This is a strip of fine plastic that’s embedded in your cord string. You thread the Plug Buddy through your leash plug first and it makes it easy to pull the rest of the string through. The Komunity Project Standard Leg Rope comes with an 1 year surf accessory warranty, registered conditions apply. This is a great value leash to use in your day to day surfing or to keep as a backup. Check how the Komunity Project products can progress your surfing: Komunity Project

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm


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