FCS Reg Essential Leash


FCS 6′ Reg Essential Leash. 7mm cord of engineered polyurethane. high quality. Double swivels. Check our Surfboards and Accessories Online NOW!

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FCS Essential Leash

The FCS Reg Essential Leash gives you quality innovative features. FCS recommend use in the 2-8′ wave size so the leash can handle up to solid size waves. Its 7mm cord width is an average size for this length leash so you’re not getting any unnecessary clutter. The cord is quality with strength and elasticity you only get from engineered polyurethane.

The stainless steel swivels used at both ends are high quality. Embedded into an extra strong nylon housing so they won’t pull out. Padding of the ankle cuff is with high density neoprene with lycra edging. So you get extra comfort and no chaffing. The cuff uses high quality velcro. So once sealed it won’t open inadvertently.

The cuff and rail saver assembly are part of the FCS interchangeable system. So using the FCS fin key they can be dismantled and used on other similar FCS leash products. The FCS Reg Essential Leash is a quality product and includes a handy key pocket in the ankle cuff. Check our full range of Leg Ropes at Manly Surfboards>Leg Ropes

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Weight .49 kg
Dimensions 40 × 15 × 10 cm


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