NSP Elements HDT Tinder Surfboard


The NSP Elements HDT Tinder Board gives you high performance fast surfing and power turning. Tucked in tail and fuller forgiving rails help you progress with bigger power turns

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NSP Elements HDT Tinder Surfboard

The NSP Elements HDT Tinder Surfboard gives you performance surfing with fun. It’s a high performance Shortboard with features making it friendly. The nose is slightly fuller. So you get great paddling and easy wave catching. It’s straighter outline through the middle gives you stability so making it easier to stay on your feet. This straight outline also gives you natural speed.

You don’t have to work so hard to be going fast. The tail is pulled in. This gives you bite and hold, great for carving turns. To help you stay on your board while trying power moves the rails are full and forgiving. So they won’t catch if you push too hard or there’s bump on the wave. You’ll be making longer rides while making more turns.

High Tech Construction

Construction is of NSP’s high tech vacuum epoxy process that NSP claim is eco-friendly. So you get a light weight super strong board while helping the environment. Featuring the FCS Original fin system you’ll be able to change the performance of the board. Different fins and fin combinations can be used for different conditions, small or big days.

For performance using stiff fins will give you a heap of drive for punchy power turns. Softer fins will make your board more cruisy. The NSP Elements HDT Tinder Surfboard will give you fun surfing and comes in a range of sizes that provide performance for surfers of all skill levels. Check our full range of Surfboards at: Manly Surfboards>Surfboards

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 20 cm


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