Ocean Soul PU Fish Surfboard


The Ocean Soul Fish Surfboard gives you the perfect mix of retro design and tint colour layup with performance features. Check our Surfboards NOW!


Ocean Soul PU Fish Surfboard

The Ocean Soul Fish Surfboard is a great value board with classic style. It’s a great board to start your fibreglass board progression. It’s design features a lot of easy to ride features. The nose is fuller so you get good paddling so you’ll catch lots of waves. The width extends through the body of the board. This gives you stability so you’ll more easily be able to get and stay on your feet. This straighter rail line also gives you speed so you don’t have to spend too much effort trying to make the board go. It’ll go by itself.

Toward the tail the board narrows so as you progress you’ll be able to do turns. The swallow tails are a great feature in that they give two points to turn off without requiring advanced power or ability. The rails of the board a full, this means that if you over balance on the wave they’ll not dig into the wave too easily and fall. They’ll push a little back from the wave helping keep you going in the right direction. All the above features are great if you’re a Progressing and Advanced surfer. You get a great retro package with great looking classic colour layup featuring dual tints. The bottom has a single to double concave helping you get the board on rail. It’s also a super fast bottom. It comes with a 5 fin setup, so you can go Thruster for more maneuverability or go Quad for down the line speed. Check our range of Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Fish Surfboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 20 cm


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