ECS Bulldog Paulownia Surfboard


The ECS Bulldog Paulownia gives you eco Paulowni wood with high tech EPS and carbon rails. You get great all round surfing, cruising down the line with speed.

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ECS Bulldog Paulownia Surfboard

The ECS Bulldog Paulownia Surfboard gives you a board with the latest eco tech and high performance. It features a wooden deck and bottom layers of sustainable eco Paulwonia wood. This is a fast growing plantation timber that is buoyant and ideal for surfboard construction. The board uses thin wood layers over a high density EPS foam core. This balance of foam and wood overcomes the problems normally encountered by epoxy boards. It greatly reduces the chatter and vibration and gives your board the feel of PU construction while still maintaining the EPS pop and performance. High tech doesn’t stop there. To give strength, carbon is used on the rails creating a parabolic stringer effect. This means that the board flexes into the curve of the wave more effectively. So you do bigger more powerful moves.

Performance Design

The ECS Bulldog Paulownia shape is a perfect all round design. Perfect as your daily driver. However the features above extend the performance of the board into small waves. The EPS core and Paulwonia is so buoyant that the Bulldog goes great in small to tiny waves. You get a great mix of float along with momentum maximising your small wave performance. The bottom shape of the single to double concave channels the wave power to the tail where the double concave acts like a vee. So you can get the board up on rail rather than surfing flat. This turns your small wave surfing from flat without turns to high performance rail to rail surfing. This bottom shape also works great for bigger waves and you’ll find the Bulldog also performs great in up to head high waves. All these features give you versatility to surf the board across the entire range of waves you normally find so you only need one board. If you need a step up for bigger waves the Bulldog also comes in Step Up sizes. Alternatively if you’re a Beginner surfer who’s wanting to progress your surfing, the shorter Bulldog models are great. They give you the good paddling you’re used to in your mini-mal, with the high performance and manoeuvrability of a shortboard. The Bulldog also features great artwork on the tail. Check our full range of Performance Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Performance Surfboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 20 cm


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