Webber Fatburner Surfboard


The Webber Fatburner Surfboard combines volume and outline to get you performing with power & surfing fast. It’s ideal for bigger surfers and if you’re wanting to get back into surfing fast

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Webber Fatburner Australian Made Surfboard

The Webber Fatburner Surfboard gives you great performance across the range of waves you surf everyday. It makes it easy to catch waves and once on the wave to do big carves and power moves. The way it does this is by blending a bit more thickness with a tear drop outline. Being thicker you get great floatation so you can paddle easily and catch more waves.

Once on the wave you don’t need effort to keep your board going as you get speed and flow without bogging. The fuller nose area gives you momentum on take off. You’ll make steeper and heavier waves. Once on the wave you get great carving off the bottom and off the top. With the drawn in tail as you step back you can easily pivot into and out of turns.

The bottom has a double concave. This is a super fast bottom shape. So your board feels lively, it just gets up and goes. The double concave also helps you do more powerful rail-to-rail turns helping your board get on rail than surfing flat. This is an ideal board if you’re a bigger surf or have had a break and are wanting to quickly get back into your performance surfing.

The Webber Fish Fatburner surfboard is another great board from master shaper Greg Webber of Webber Surfboards. It can be surfed in a multitude of conditions from small to large wave size and is Greg’s most popular model. Check our full range of Fish Surfboards Australia has at Manly Surfboards>Fish Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 20 cm


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