Webber Fatburner Surfboard


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Webber Fatburner Surfboard. Good volume for bigger and Beginner surfers matched to fast bottom and performance outline. You get the perfect balance between easy wave catching and high speed on the wave.


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Webber Fatburner Surfboard

The Webber Fatburner Surfboard is all about giving you high performance with volume. It’s a board designed to be chunkier but still give great surfing. So it’s the perfect board if you’re a bigger or Beginner surfer who values more float. Float means you can paddle easier, farther and faster. This is great for just about every aspect of your surfing from getting out the back to getting onto waves. The Fatburner is unlike other volumed boards. A double concave running almost the entire length gives a positive vee, rail to rail feel. So it doesn’t feel thick. In fact it feels responsive, easily moving from rail to rail for positive, powerful turns. The double concave also gives you speed so the board feels lively.

Along with thickness there’s a generous nose and tail width. This makes for easy wave catching and easy driving over weaker sections. So that you’re not lost in the width, the outline still has a great curve. Matching with the rocker this helps the board fit well in the wave. So you can ride, gliding through sections and as soon as wanted you can drive onto the vee and rail for performance turns. The Fatburner is another great board from master shaper Greg Webber, who advises it’s his most popular model. Check our full range of performance boards at Manly Surfboards>Performance Shortboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 20 cm


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