Clyde Beatty Jr Epoxy Fish


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Clyde Beatty Jr Epoxy Fish. Great to transition from longboard to shortboard to progress your surfing. Carbon performance glassing for extra strength with light weight. Great fun board to start your surfing.



Clyde Beatty Jr Epoxy Fish

The Clyde Beatty Jr Epoxy Fish is a great board to progress your surfing. If you’re transitioning from a longer board and want a shortboard experience this board is great. The board has generous characteristics which make for fun while helping you do more moves. Even though a shortboard size this board has lots of volume. This means you get good flotation and paddling so you’ll catch lots of waves. You’ll have a smooth transition off your longboard. There’s a full rail so once on the wave the board won’t catch, it will flow. The tail is wide so when you step back to do more powerful turns it won’t bog down. It will help you glide being able to connect more moves together getting longer rides.

A single concave through the Clyde Beatty Jr Epoxy bottom gives you speed. A vee between the fins helps the board go rail to rail so you can do more progressive turns. Construction is PU like a traditional shortboard so you’re riding more in the wave than on the wave. Carbon fiber is featured on the rails and bottom so you get both durability and lightweight performance. The board features the latest 5 fin FCS II setup. So you can have a thruster setup that helps for more turns. You can also have a quad setup that gives you more speed and a down the line feel. The Clyde Beatty Jr Epoxy Fish is a great shortboard for fun and to progress your surfing into bigger moves. Check our range of Fish Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Fish Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 20 cm


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