Superbrand Fling Surfboard Futures


The Superbrand Fling Surfboard Futures gives you super high speed fun with gouging turns in small waves. The perfect mix of double concave and vee puts you on rail for high performance surfing in tiny surf


SUPERBRAND Fling Surfboard Futures

The SUPERBRAND Fling Surfboard Futures is your fast fun high performance small wave board. It gives you super fun in small groveling waves while also scaling to head high. Extra width is carried through the entire board, like a Fish. Unlike a Fish it has a super modern rocker and bottom shape like a high performance shortboard. This makes it exciting to ride. You get great paddling so it’s easy to get around in the water and catch lots of waves. Once on the wave you’re already going fast. So can speed down the line, flying into floaters and racing tiny tubes. A single concave up front helps channel wave power. At the tail the outline is wide giving a heap of speed. A double concave with vee makes this wider tail responsive helping you get the board on rail, giving you the satisfaction of proper gouging turns.

The recommended length for the Superbrand Fling Futures is 6-8″ shorter than you normal board. This is a lot shorter and with a lot less board you get a great feeling of freedom and fun in small waves. Match the volume to what you normally ride. The Fling comes with a five fin setup so you can get more fun mixing and matching a wide range of fin setups. A Thruster setup will give you more pivot and vertical surfing. With a Quad you’ll get down the line high speed and drive. This is a purpose designed small wave charger that will give you heaps of fun. This model is for Futures fins only. Check our full range of Fish Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Fish Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 160 × 55 × 20 cm


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