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Showing all 15 results

Superbrand Performance Surfboards

Superbrand Surfboards will boost and electrify your surfing.


Superbrand takes its already great surfboard designs and with constant evolution and refinement, makes them exceptional for you. Being a collective of shapers from all around the world Superbrand merges shaper talent, along with Pro and Team feedback, to give you the absolutely best board.

So, you surfing potential is not limited to what just one shaper thinks!

Superbrand is a shapers collective from around the world evolving and refining exceptional boards for you

‘Select’ Exceptional Designs

You can see this in Superbrand’s model lineup. Superbrand showcases a select-few exceptional designs that’ll radically change your surfing.

So it’s easy to get your right board as each model nails a specific surf performance.

Clay Marzo on his signature Mad Cat Superbrand model. Sets up, executes, and makes it

Whether it’s a small wave flyer, daily driver, a Pro board to make them think you’re on Tour, or one-board-does-all for travelling. Superband has the exact right board for you.

If you want a quiver to always have the best board on hand to match conditions, that’s easy too. Each model is defined so its benefit to your surfing and target conditions are easy to understand.

There’s three Superbrand surfboard categories:

Fun | Super | Pro

Superbrand Performance Surfboards Fun Series

Fun Series – The Fling, Siamese Twin and Spam

The leading Fun model is The Fling. Several generations of enhancement give you a wide-tail super fun flyer so it skates across the mushiest sections. A vee through the fins gives you carving rail turns.

It’s like a fish, but better.

In tiny waves The Fling goes. It goes fast & it carves! Like a fish but better

Lots of area generates speed from whatever the smallest waves offer making airs, floaters, anything possible! ‘Most fun board ever!’

Like high speed? The speciality Siamese Twin model is a super fast twin fin with semi tear drop retro shape. Instead of a trailer fin you get channels so you get flow and hold. It is fast, super fast. ‘Fastest board ever!’

In small waves there’s no reason why you can’t still do lots of turns. So the Spam is a semi-fish design that lets you go ballistic on turns in small waves. A super flat rocker gives speed with massive flyers allowing you to smash big direction changes anywhere.

Superbrand Performance Surfboards Super Series


Super Series – Magic Mix, new for 2018 the Taser, and Toy X evolved

Big moves are what your mates see. Progressive moves are what’s noticed. You’re going for it, but can you pull it off?

The Super Series gives you a Pro style board but with refinement dialed in. You will go harder, bigger. But that little more generous rail, a little less extreme rocker, a touch more volume, will make the difference so you make it.


The Toy, evolved into the Toy X so your surfing can evolve too

First up is the Magic Mix. It’s just what it says. A mix of Superbrand’s besting selling great performing Toy and Vapors models. So you get performance in whatever waves are out there, slop or perfection. The Magic Mix is considered, ‘One all round great board.’

If you want to surf small to tiny waves but still charge with a shortboard shape then the Tazor will electrify your surfing. It’s the 2018 evolution of the Unit design. So you get maximum speed with maximum manoeuvrability in knee to waist high waves. Imagine making big moves on small waves. ‘The Tazer is Electrifying.’

For 2018 the other super popular model, the Toy, evolves to the Toy X. You get next-Gen performance balanced with forgiveness so you can push your ability and make it in waist to head high waves. If you’ve got the vision to surf like a Pro, the Toy X is the right step to help you fulfil it. ‘Performance Plus.’

Superbrand Performance Surfboards Pro Series


Pro Series – The Mad Cat, Blackout and Pig Dog

Superbrand’s Pro series is for those who want to surf like a Pro. So if you’re vying for the World Tour check these boards. You get peak performance in peak waves. You need one of these Pro boards in your quiver for when the waves turn on.

The Mad Cat is about going crazy like Clay Marzo.

His signature model is high performance versatility. So from waist high slop to well overhead perfection this board turns heads. Being blasted from barrels to getting loose above the lip, it does it all. There’s always a trade-off but, ‘not with the Mad Cat’.

Superbrand’s official World Tour model, the Blackout, is birthed on the Gold Coast. It’s the pinnacle of Pro design based on feedback from the Pros, Team, and the shapers collective.  It does everything with more, more performance. So you get critical surfing, critical moves, done right. ‘Surf like a Pro’.


The Pig Dog doing what it’s made for. Getting you in and out of heavy island-style situations

The PigDog. With a name like that what’s it doing in the Pro series?

This is the most carving board in the Superbrand range. It works in up to double overhead and island-style waves. Any style of wave can be handled from beach breaks to reefs. So if you’re travelling, Superbrand recommend one PigDog will take the place of a bunch of travel boards making transport way easier. In the water it’ll scale from the small stuff to handle just about anything you throw at it.

Superbrand Performance Surfboards Options


Construction options include Kevlar Vector Net so you get a great flex pattern with light weight and strength

Advanced tech construction is available for each Superbrand model. This includes the Kevlar Vector Net flex bottom so you get a great flex pattern lightweight and strength. There’s carbon stringers and inserts and Clay Marzo has his own mad performance-durability construction. So your board will feel, perform and last exactly how you want. There’s tail options, swallow, to squash, to pin. Fin configs go to two, three, and five setups. So you get great flexibility to mix and match to fit your own style. Superbrand Performance Surfboards!

Get on a Superbrand board and your surfing will be SUPER!