Superbrand Black Viper Surfboard FCS II


The Superbrand Black Viper FCS II gives you exceptional performance in everyday surf. The narrower nose means you can throw it into big moves. Wider back end gives speed, with hip helping you do power carves


Superbrand Black Viper Surfboard FCS II

The Superbrand Black Viper Surfboard FCS II gives you the latest high performance design. Its refined features give you exceptional high performance in your every day surfing. The outline is drawn in at the nose so you can whip the board around in high speed moves. The wide point is slightly behind mid giving you a lot a planning and outright speed, so you don’t have to work too hard to be going fast. A subtle hip brings in the tail. This gives you a lot of drive and control as the narrower tail will bite for power turns and carves. So moving forward on the board you get area to for speed to make fat and slower sections. Moving your back foot back you can hold and carve in the steepest suckiest waves.

Rails & Volume

The Superbrand Black Viper Surfboard FCS II has special rail treatment. The rails are mid size and boxy. Being chunkier means they won’t catch in sloppy and junky surf. So you can really push your board into big moves. If you over balance and push too much the rail will tend to pop out of the wave rather than sink or catch. This will really help progress your surfing. Attention has also been given to volume distribution. Even though the nose is narrow there’s volume there with the thickness giving you momentum to get into waves easily. You’ll still be catching lots of waves. This is a great board for high performance surfing in your everyday surf. Note this model comes with FCS II fins boxes so will only work with FCS II and FCS traditional fins. Check our full range of Performance Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Performance Shortboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 15 cm


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