Channel Island New Flyer TLPC Surfboard


Channel Island New Flyer TLPC Surfboard. Highest performance small wave board for rail line gouges and smacks. Check our range of Surfboards Online NOW!

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Channel Island New Flyer TLPC Surfboard

The Channel Island New Flyer TLPC Surfboard is Al Merrick’s revolution of high performance surfing for small waves. The New Flyer is all about rail line, fitting rail curve into the wave, so you get manoeuvrability and speed. The board is shorter and wider so you get the same volume in a shorter rail line fitting into smaller space. In this way you can get down on the board and drive it into little pockets for lively gouges and smacks off the top. The two stage rocker matches the rail curve. This allows you to throw the board around with forgiveness, getting through manoeuvres without catching. The hip takes the volume away in the tail so you can drive the board with your back foot. Around the hip there’s a spiral vee so you can take further advantage of the rail line going rail to rail, top to bottom.

TLPC construction tops off the New Flyer’s performance. TLPC is carbon reinforcement laminated over a layer of high-density foam. Along with a custom foam stringer this strengthens the board while creating a lively flex pattern. The Channel Island New Flyer Surfboard will maximise your surfing in small waves. This model comes with rail patch and Futures fin setup.


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