Superbrand Toy Surfboard FCS II


The SUPERBRAND Toy Surfboard FCS II gives you speed, flow & high performance in your daily waves. A flatter rocker gives you great paddling and you’re going fast from the take off. Flatter with responsive rails means you get great response



The SUPERBRAND Toy Surfboard FCS II gives you high performance in small as well as head high waves. With a flatter rocker you get speed generation even when the wave doesn’t offer it. You get great paddle in and you’re going fast right from your takeoff. The fuller nose and overall wider outline also provides great planning across fatter and flatter sections. A hip reduces this width at the tail so you can plant your foot for squirting and carving turns. You get good bite, real engagement through the tail. The rails are fuller and soft so you get forgiveness and and can really plant the board in the wave face for bigger carves. Forgiveness in the rails is very helpful as you try out new and bigger moves to progress your surfing.

In terms of bottom shape the Superbrand Toy Surfboard FCS II gives you a subtle single into double concave. This gives you speed but in a refined flowing way. The SUPERBRAND Toy is recommended surfed 1-3 inches shorter and half an inch or more wider than your standard shortboard. It comes with options of a tri or five fin box setup, and as a squash-square, swallow or round tail. All these options mean you can mix it up surfing with high performance to match your local break. Check our full range of Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Shortboards

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 30 cm


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