Island Flick Knife Shortboard


The Island Flick Knife Shortboard gives you super performance for Intermediate to Advanced surfers. EPS construction is super light and its design features give you high speed and power turns



Island Flick Knife Shortboard

The Island Flick Knife Shortboard gives you great high performance surfing. It’s not designed for Beginners. It’s a great new surfboard design that will progress the surfing of Intermediate and Advanced surfers and allow you to rip in good waves. The outline has a drawn in nose and tail. Without the extra area to hamper you, you can more easily throw the board around in big moves. This is great for charging bottom turns and whippy re-entries and off the tops. In terms of floatation, even though the outline is refined, there’s extra volume down the middle of the board. So there’s still good paddling and good wave catching to get you on the wave going fast. On the wave this central core of volume stops you bogging down and keeps you and your board moving with speed.

Most importantly the Island Flick Knife Shortboard has a gradual rocker through the middle with a flipped nose and tail. This gives you speed when you stand in the middle of the board. When you lean forward, for example into a bottom turn, the nose flip gets you racing almost vertically up the face. When you lean back, for example in re-entries and cutbacks, the flatter rocker gives you gouging turns. A single to double concave bottom shape means that as you transition between moves you have increasing speed. The board is never slow and due to it’s lightweight it is very lively. Construction of EPS foam core and epoxy glassing gives you strength and super light weight. Even though a performance board it is durable and strong. If you’re after a new surfboard our range is like a surfboard warehouse so check what you want instore or at Manly Surfboards>Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 60 × 30 cm


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