Emery Tiny Terror Surfboard


Emery Tiny Terror Surfboard. Wilko WCT Final design. Small wave power packed performance. Check our range of Boards and Accessories Online NOW!

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Emery Tiny Terror Surfboard

The Emery Tiny Terror Surfboard is a great small wave performance design. To provide some indication of the performance you can get from it, Wilko, Matt Wikinson, rode this board through to the WCT World Championship Tour Final in Santa Cruz. While a normal shortboard shape, not a fish, it’s designed to be ridden 3 inches shorter than your height, so shorter than your normal short board. It features a stubby, cut down outline so you still have volume. A flat bottom curve gives you speed and the wider rounded-square tail helps generate the most from small waves. Manoeuvrability is provided through generous tail rocker and vee. This tail setup gives you release and the ability to take the board rail-to-rail so you can do vertical and big moves on small wave faces. Emery has placed this board in his Anarchy Competition Series fitting its World Tour success!


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