ECS Boom Surfboard


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The ECS Boom Surfboard gives you high performance from small to bigger waves, what you need to progress. Check our Surfboards Online NOW!


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ECS Boom Surfboard

The ECS Boom Surfboard gives you high performance across your most surfed conditions. From small to overhead waves you get a great all round ride. The Boom does this by giving you more volume and float. It’s an EPS board so when made to the same dimensions you’re used to you get more buoyancy. This is especially good in smaller waves. You get good paddling for wave catching. Once on the wave you sit a little higher so can generate a lot of speed. This speed equates to a heap of fun. With the extra central buoyancy the rails are lower. In small waves this allows you to put the board on rail and do carves. As the waves get bigger the lower rails give you control and bite. Instead of floating on the wave, a problem common with most EPS boards, you sit in the wave and can carve.

So that you still get good maneuverability the wider outline has a hip towards the tail. The hip gives you a break point to help your turns, so you can jam into big direction changes. The tail narrows so you get bite to drive on the wave face.  The tail finishes in a tucked in square. This is ideal for putting your foot and weight back and really charging. So the Boom gives you versatility. Standing forward you get the area for small wave planning. Stepping back you go into power carving mode.

Speed & Flex

The ECS Boom Surfboard bottom shape is also optimised for speed. There’s a single concave that gives you great flow on the wave. This blends into a double concave through the fins that gives a speed boost each time you go into and out of turn. The result is that you get continual speed. The nose entry rocker is fairly flat making catching waves easy. The tail rocker is not too pronounced helping you get even more speed and projection for making sections. Coming only with FCS II fin boxes you get a 5 fin setup great to cover a variety of wave types. The 3 fin Thruster setup is great for carving top to bottom and surfing suckier waves. The 4 fin Quad setup gives you an edge in fast down the line waves or fuller conditions where you want more flow. You can also go a 5 fin setup with a small rear to really mix it up with super control. This is a great all round design.

Glassing gives you a ‘no stringer’ high flex design with a heap of strength including 6oz glass on the bottom and deck and a Biaxial deck reinforcement. As a Beginner it has everything you need for a great start. If you’re an Intermediate to Advanced surfer this board will give you all the progression you want. Check our full range of Performance Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Performance Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 30 cm


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