Superbrand Tazer Surfboard FCSII


Superbrand Tazer Surfboard FCSII. Super agile small wave charger. Swallow gives real responsive forehand & backhand. Check our Surfboards Online NOW!


Superbrand Tazer Surfboard FCSII

The Superbrand Tazer Surfboard FCSII will give you super fun grovelling small waves and charging performance waves. The Tazer has a low entry rocker so speed is immediately noticeable in its ease of catching waves and on the wave. The nose is also wider. This gives both better wave catching and more momentum on the face. A curvy outline is pulled in to a swallow tail. So you get the feel of speed with your weight forward and when you step back you can really whip the board around, the tail biting. The swallow also provides release so you can instantly jam back gaining speed for your next big move. The single concave up the front enhances this speed as you weight forward. A double concave through the fins helps you get the board on rail so you can do vertical top to bottom jams. The Tazer will electrify your small wave surfing, and can handle conditions up to 5 foot. SUPERBRAND recommend you ride the Tazer 3-4″ shorter and with 2-3 litres more volume than your normal shortboard.


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