Superbrand Toy X Surfboard Futures


Superbrand Toy X Surfboard Futures. New version of most popular model will super charge your surfing. Check our Surfboards & Accessories NOW!


Superbrand Toy X Surfboard Futures

The SUPERBRAND Toy X Surfboard is one of Superbrand’s most popular designs. It will give you super fun grovelling small waves, and, charging performance waves. The Toy X has a low entry rocker that gives several benefits. You get great paddling so it’s easy to get around the crowd in the water and get the waves you want. Whether the wave is fat or sucky, this entry helps you glide in. On the wave the rocker gives you speed. From takeoff you don’t need to work the board, it naturally fits on the face making the most of whatever wave power there is. For turns the rocker is a little flatter so you have to setup your turns a little more. Once in the turn the rocker helps you drive off the bottom and off the top.

Outline & Rails

The board features a generous outline that also helps immediate speed generation without having to work too much. This is great for fuller waves where you can do a few pumps and get maximum speed going into your turn. In sucky waves this speed helps you make fast sections and critical barrels as you can focus on making the section, not having to pump for speed. This width is managed towards the tail with a hip. So instead of getting a too-wide tail that will skate out you get a nice rounded tucked-in square. It’s the perfect size to plant your foot and gouge big moves.

With all this high performance you’d think the Toy X might be tricky to ride and master. To balance this the rails are softer and fuller. This means that there’s more area and more roundness in contact with the wave. If you over-balance and push too much the rail will tend to pop out of the wave rather than sink or catch. The roundness gives speed too as you move easily through the water. The one trade off here is that these features reduce your drive. However as described above there’s plenty of speed generating features to keep you going fast. This is a great board to progress your surfing. Note this model comes with Futures fins boxes. Check our full range of Performance Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Performance Shortboards


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