ECS Pines Surfboard


The ECS Pines Surfboard gives you a high performance super fun design with advanced tech strong lightweight construction. You get a super fast board with the ability to charge turns where you want

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ECS Pines Surfboard

The ECS Pines Surfboard is a small wave, high performance board. It gives you fast fun surfing in small to medium sized waves. It has a high performance outline. The nose isn’t too wide or too fine. It’s just right to give you planning onto the wave while being easy to throw around in big changes of direction. The center thickness complements this carrying volume through to the chest area and middle of the board. So you get great floatation and fast paddling that gets you onto the wave with speed. You can use this speed to go straight from takeoff into a hard bottom turn then hit the lip. Or charge a barrel or air a fast section. The mid of the board has a generous curve. So you get looseness to throw a move almost anywhere you want.

The ECS Pines Surfboard squash tail gives you bite so you get hold and good direction change in steep sections. With all the speed you need this hold to really power into big moves. A single concave flows through the bottom, parting between the fins with a slight vee through the tail. This helps so that your turns aren’t flat but going rail to rail. Added to the high performance design is high tech epoxy and EPS construction using special Sicomin resin, biaxial glass and fin reinforcements. These keep your board super light and super strong.

You get a 5 fin box setup so you get the versatility of speed with a Quad setup or power carving with as a Thruster. The Pines is named after the fun beach break on the Central Coast and gives you performance to match the fun. Check our full range of Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Shortboards.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 25 cm


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