Pipe Dreams Fashion Victim Surfboard


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Pipe Dreams Fashion Victim Surfboard

The Pipe Dreams Fashion Victim Surfboard gives you great high performance surfing. You get a fuller outline so easy wave catching, and speed and flow on the wave. To give great turning there’s a vee through the tail. This helps you get the board on rail for power carves. There’s a subtle single concave through the middle so giving you a lot of speed and a lively feel.

The round tail gives great control and flow. A 5 fin setup, for surfing as a Quad 4 fin or Thruster gives versatility. A Quad is great down the line for drive and speed. The board will charge when you have a long open face or heavy to tube to make. Ridden as a Thruster the tail loosens up for top to bottom lip hitting.

The Pipe Dreams Fashion Victim Surfboard is EPS so it’s foam core is super light and responsive with no internal stringer. The EPS gives you more floatation and better paddling. Externally there’s a carbon stringer on the deck and bottom. This provides strength and also great pop to your ride. As you load up going into turns the carbon takes that energy then releases.

An additional bi-axial layer is used on the deck helping with flex control and to protect against compressions. Another layer of lighter glass adds even more strength. The five fin setup is FCS II only. This is a great versatile board. Fun on beach breaks or for more serious down the line charging. Check our full range of performance Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Shortboards

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 190 × 50 × 20 cm


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