Emery Haz Fish Surfboard


The Emery Haz Fish Board gives you great paddling with extra width and thickness for small waves. You get high performance from double flyers reducing area in the tail. An unusual double concave on the deck keeps your center of gravity lower for power carves

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Emery Haz Fish Surfboard

The Emery Haz Fish Surfboard gives you super fun Fish surfing along with a performance edge. The board is designed for smaller shoreys and beach breaks and to be ridden wider, thicker and shorter than your normal board. The extra volume giving you great paddling and wave catching, and speed getting into the wave.

Once on the wave you get speed from a fast flat bottom shape. To add looseness there’s twin flyers. These allow you to plant your foot at the back and still carve. If the wave is fuller your back foot halfway back still utilises speed from the extra width. If the wave is sucky, your foot right over the narrower flyer gives you a heap of bite and carve.

The deck has two nice design features. A bevelled rail keeps the volume so you get plenty of paddling while not making the board too thick. A double concave in the deck, in the form of foot wells, also maintains the overall thickness while lowering your centre of gravity helping you carve in the wave, rather than on it.

This is great design with the features to give you performance and fun in those hard to ride smaller waves. Check our full range of Fish Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Fish Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 30 cm


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