Island Stubby Shortboard


The Island Stubby Shortboard gives you a lot of area making easy wave catching & fun fast surfing. The extra width gives stability helping you get to your feet and cruise on longer high speed rides.



Island Stubby Shortboard

The Island Stubby Shortboard is a super fun small wave board. Taking a new approach it brings all the great features of a longboard then shrinks it adding the high speed of a Fish. So you get great fun performance. The Stubby is wide with a full nose. This gives you easy paddling and great wave catching. This width is carried all the way down the board. So you get great stability. It’s easy to get to your feet and stay on the board. All this area gives the board a lot of glide and it will pick up the smallest amount of wave power and turn it into speed. The tail is wide too. So the bottom has a rolled vee that helps the board do carving turns. As you lean on the rails the board will go into longer arc gliding turns.

The Island Stubby Shortboard has a traditional foam and fibreglass construction. This is heavier and helps you keep your speed and momentum going even when the wave gets fat and loses power. Attention to detail has been given to the finish of your board with fibreglass patches giving a classic look over the tail. Your board includes an FCS II Thruster fin setup. This allows you to mix up your fins so you can try high performance fins for more carving turns or bigger fins for more speed. The Stubby is a great way to mix up your surfing and have fun. Check our full range of Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Shortboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 55 × 20 cm


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