Superbrand Classic Hoodie Zip Heather Fleece


SUPERBRAND Classic Hoodie Zip Heather Fleece. Full fit cotton-polyester, natural and comfy. Lined hoodie, zip. Check our Surf and Beach Gear Online NOW!


SUPERBRAND Classic Hoodie Zip Heather Fleece

The SUPERBRAND Classic Hoodie Zip Heather Fleece is a perfect piece of surf gear. It features a look that communicates laid back surf style. The brown colour has a rich tone so it fits in with the natural ocean theme of dunes, raw earth and surf. It’s got a full comfy body with rib so you get good fit on your wrists and waist. The rib helps keep the cool breeze from reaching you. The exterior has two front pockets so you can stash your keys, phone or hands. Having these pockets to stuff your hands into is great as you really notice it if you don’t have somewhere to keep your hands warm. The hoodie provides extra warmth so if your head gets cold you can pull it up. It’s also double lined so you get an extra comfy feel and indication of high quality.

There’s a draw cord to pull tight the hood if the wind starts blowing.

Climate Control

A metal front zip is smooth running so you can easily keep the jacket open or closed. This is handy as if you get too hot it’s an easy zip down. If you’re getting chilly, it’s an easy zip up. The interior has a fine fleece that traps body heat keeping you warm. The front features a logo on the left chest. The back logo is similar, larger, showing off the Superbrand logo. Constructed of 75% cotton and 25% polyester it’s got a larger percentage of natural fibres. These natural fibres are breathable meaning they let air and moisture out so you’ll stay comfortable. You don’t get as hot and humid as if you’re in a 100% polyester top. The SUPERBRAND Handcraft Hoodie is a great surf style garment for anytime you need a hoodie.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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