Superbrand Magic Mix Surfboard Futures


The SUPERBRAND MagicMix Surfboard FCSII gives you great surfing by bringing together the best features from the SUPERBRAND range. Low entry and bigger tail rocker gives amazing liveliness and response. Outline gives great paddling and wave catching


Superbrand Magic Mix Surfboard Futures

Superbrand Magic Mix Surfboard Futures gives you magic surfing. The way it does this is by bringing together the best features from the SUPERBrand range. It rips in waves from knee to head high. Designed on the Gold Coast the Magic Mix incorporates input from the world of SuperBrand shapers. In terms of design the nose is like a high performance Shortboard, not too wide, easy to throw around and smack the lip. As you move down the board the outline widens to give you great floatation, paddling and wave catching. The middle outline is straighter so you get speed. The board is naturally fast without having to work too hard. At the tail a little more width is maintained. So in small mushy waves you can maximise the most power. The tail block narrows so as the waves get bigger you can step back and carve.

In terms of bottom shape and rocker the Superbrand Magic Mix Surfboard Futures has a low entry so you get into the waves easy and glide down the face. In the tail there’s a marked increase in rocker. So as you drop down to carve a turn the rail will engage and go with you very responsively. This extra tail rocker gives liveliness in small waves and great carving in bigger waves. A subtle single into double concave gives you speed and also the ability to get the board up on rail easily. The Magic Mix excels at going top to bottom then flying down the line. The Magic Mix is an all round daily performer so get it the same size as your normal shortboard. Check our full range of Shortboards at Manly Surfboards>Shortboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 180 × 50 × 30 cm


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