Webber Silk Surfboard


The Webber Silk Surfboard gives you low entry for fast paddling and wave catching. Deep concave and tail rocker give speed along with release for great top-to-bottom surfing

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Webber Silk Surfboard

The Webber Silk Surfboard gives you a set of special characteristics for great all-round surfing. Greg Webber, the Master Shaper describes the board characteristics as being great for paddling and wave catching. Giving you an advantage there. This is achieved by a very low entry curve of the board under your chest.

Beneath your chest you also have a concave, a single concave and this extends down the entire board. While it’s shallower at the nose and tail, it’s quite deep through the guts of the board so gives fast constant speed. With less concave right at the tail you great predictability and control to setup your moves.

When you do your moves, the tail has a lot of curve, a lot of rocker. This allows you to easily go to the lip and release out of the lip. The board enabling great top-to-bottom surfing.

So you get a board giving a lot of speed throughout most of your surfing. When you move to the back to do your turns you get great control, and a boost and release out of your turns. Check our full range of Surfboards at Manly Surfboards>Surfboards

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 80 × 45 cm


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