Point Classic Longboard Wood Design


Point Classic Longboard Wood Design has old school look & feel with great vibe. Glides onto waves, helps you hang off the nose

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Point Classic Longboard Wood Design

The Point Classic Longboard Wood Design captures old school style, perfect if you want that vibe. Its construction features wood inlays. These give the board a distinctive look. They match the style of the original old school longboards. They’re also a natural material, wood instead of more fibreglass. So you’ve got more of an eco feel and nature in your surfing. The wood gives a unique surfing characteristic in that it doesn’t flex too much. So in your longer board you get great glide. The timber is finished with fibreglass giving you durability. The finish also includes a gloss coat that’s shiny, so you can see the wood grain shown off to its best. The Point Classic incorporates classic longboard design features. With its length, full nose and tail, it’s easy to paddle in the smallest weakest conditions. The board picks up it’s own momentum so you can takeoff when the wave is fuller and easier to catch. Once on the wave it has it’s own trim. So rather than you having to try to negotiate all the problem areas where the wave might be too bumpy or closing out, you will just glide through. The width and low rocker make your board stable so it’s easy to stand up and get started with your surfing. It’s also easy to progress, for example walking the board and doing hangs off the nose. The rails are soft and tucked under so there’s plenty of forgiveness helping you ease through messy conditions. A flat bottom with slight vee mean your Point Classic has a good balance between speed and being able to turn. The vee helping you do nice flowing carves. Check our full range of Longboards at Manly Surfboards>Longboards


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