Clyde Beatty Longboard


Clyde Beatty Longboard. Classic longboard to begin and progress your surfing in style. 2 + 1 fin setup. A stable super easy to ride board for cruising in smaller waves or doing good turns as it gets bigger.



Clyde Beatty Longboard

The Clyde Beatty Longboard is a great way to begin and progress your surfing. This is a classic longboard shape so you will be on the path of Trad classic styling surfing. The board is full throughout so it’s easy to catch waves. This width also helps stability. So it’s easier to get to and stay on your feet. The Clyde Beatty longboard is designed to glide down the wave face and along the wave. To help this glide the board has a great flat entry rocker. This helps catching waves and to get natural speed on the wave. So you’ll be able to make longer sections, getting around the foam. Towards the tail the board narrows. So as you progress you can move your foot back to this narrower area and start to do more turns. The rails are fuller and softly rounded so the board won’t catch as you’re pushing into those turns.

Construction is like that of a traditional surfboard with inner PU core and fibreglass outer. This means it bounces around a little less and sits in the wave rather than on it. This is definitely what your surfing needs as you progress. The board features FCS Original fin system setup with a traditional longboard adjustable fin box. So you’ll be able to change your performance. Different fins and fin combinations can be used for different conditions, small or big days. There’s a wide size range so you’re sure to find a Clyde Beatty Longboard perfect for your size and surfing. Check our full range of Performance Longboards at Manly Surfboards>Performance Longboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 270 × 60 × 20 cm


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