ECS Spoon Longboard Log


The ECS Spoon Longboard Log gives you great features for stylish cruising moves & fun with PU construction. You get all the proven Longboard features for nose riding, easy turning, and speed with forgiving rails so you’ll get longer rides having more fun

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ECS Spoon Longboard Log

The ECS Spoon Longboard Log gives you super stylish old school surfing with maximum fun. You get the latest design refinements making for easy surfing. 50/50 rails are featured. These are egg shaped designed not to catch. So you’ll make longer rides doing more moves. The nose has a slight concave. So as you move forward you’ll get more speed finding it easier to hang your toes off the nose.

Through the middle there’s a rolled bottom. This works in conjunction with your rails so you’ll glide easily up and down the wave, cruising yet also keeping your board moving, not stuck going straight. A double concave through the tail gives speed. So as you move back you’ll get a boost to push you in and out of carves.

3 Stringers

The ECS Spoon Longboard Log looks great with a 3 stringer PU construction. 11mm Paulownia timber in the center gives your board strength with natural flex and smooth flowing rocker. The side stringers are fibreglass giving you a bit more responsiveness as you put your board on rail. You’ll feel the board wanting to come back online rather than track.

The PU foam gives a great traditional longboard feel. You’ll be in the wave, not bouncing around on top. The PU also helps with paddling, giving momentum getting you into the wave and down the face. The outline features a slightly wider tail or hip. So you can do drop leg turns to really carve if you want.

This is a great board for stylish Longboard fun. Check our full range of Longboards at Manly Surfboards>Longboards

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 270 × 60 × 20 cm


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