GRC Midlength Performance Surfboard


GRC MidLength Performance Surfboard. Master crafted concave into vee for performance in small and big waves. Check our range of Surfboards Online NOW!

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GRC Midlength Performance Surfboard

The GRC MidLength Performance Surfboard is a design from master shaper Greg Clough. The board blends the best features from decades of experience and great long and short boards. Riding like a performance short board you also get generous length and a great ride. The nose has a full curve so you won’t catch or nose dive. Under your chest there’s a light concave providing for good paddling and a speedy sweet spot. From midway to the tail a light vee slowly increases to the between the fins. This makes the board go rail to rail so you will be doing carving turns and changes of direction. The tail finishes with a small kick giving you a touch of looseness. The generous volume and length makes for easy wave catching. The board’s features give you performance and will return as much as you put in.

Construction is of PE foam with a performance glass finish. The tail features carbon rail protection. The GRC MidLength Performance Surfboard is a great board for a wide range of conditions. Small, large or in amongst the crew you’ll have great surfing.


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